Water Turbines' Hydro In-Pipe renewable energy technology converts potential energy in the existing water supply to electricity.

Our patented and proven in-pipe system provides an ideal way to generate electricity and become more cost efficient.

Our turbines range in size from 0.5 kW to 350 kW and can be used for drinking, raw and grey water to provide a perfect combination of water and power.

They are the best solution for harnessing energy from existing water installations and can be retrofitted to existing facilities or can be specified for new works. They have been successfully installed in major European utility plants. Our smaller turbines are ideal for commercial deployment by large water users and for remote locations.

We provide a full turnkey installation package which is fully funded and covers all stages from feasibility assessments to construction and commissioning, and with ongoing O&M support. This means no Capex or Opex costs and access to cheaper electricity.

If you are a water company

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